Salika Ltd.

Salika Ltd. is a progressive metal processing company. Which has been recognized in the Baltic market for several years. It is constantly developing and is gaining consumer confidence in manufacturing high-quality products.

Farm equipment

The most important products for livestock farmers made by Salika are farm equipment. These include pasture fencing, corral panels, field feeders, squeeze chute for cattle with nail care, calf feeding equipment, animal transport equipment, farm feeding tables, gates, junctions and other important things.

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Stairs and handrails

We produce high quality stairs, handrails and other practical constructions. Metal constructions and metal design, designing, production, delivery and assembly. Combinations with wood, glass, concrete, aluminum, stainless steel.

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Metalworking and Designing

We offer plasma cutting, welding, painting and various types of metal processing.

Design and construction of residential, public and industrial buildings.

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