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Cattle squeeze chute, 2.9x1.9x1.3m

Cattle squeeze chute, 2.9x1.9x1.3m

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Size: 2.9x1.9x1.3m.

The construction is painted, the connecting parts and moving parts are hot-dip galvanized.

Can be connected to corral panels.

Weight 474kg.

The cattle squeeze chute is required for each farm who cares for their animals. The neck of the cattle and theback legs are fixed so that the necessary operations can be carried out - take tests, inject medication, perform nail care.

The stand is easy to move, so necessary inspections may be carried out on pasture, in a cattle holding area or in the farm. The stand can be equipped with bar scales, which can be easily used as the livestock grows. The stand will also be useful for weighing animals before sale.


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